Best Pets for People with Allergies

Spring is allergy season, but your sniffles are often caused by the pets in your home. Even if you don’t have a severe allergy pet dander can worsen your air quality. We love our pets, but we don’t want a stuffy and hair-covered home. If you want a pet, but want to avoid shedding and its downsides, consider some of these options!

#1: A Small Dog That Doesn’t Shed

Having hypoallergenic dogs doesn’t prevent all allergies. The fact of the matter is, that most dogs shed at least some hair. However, with the vast amount of dog breeds that exist, there are some that shed so minimally that allergy sufferers do not get irritated by it. Poodles are well known as a dog that doesn’t shed much and miniature poodles can be limited even further. We recommend toy poodles as well as Shih Tzus, Maltese, and miniature terriers for those reasons.

#2: A Cat That Doesn’t Shed

Statistically, Americans love dogs the most, but cats are unsurprisingly number two. Again, most cats shed at least some, but some breeds shed so minimally that it may not trigger allergic reactions. Of course, there are many breeds of hairless cats that won’t shed at all, but even some short-haired breeds can be great for owners with allergies. Among these are the Russian Blue, the Cornish Rex, or the Oriental shorthair.

#3: Rabbits and Bunnies

You may think you are allergic to all furry creatures, but that may not be the case. Often allergies are limited to dogs and cats. Rabbit allergies are much less common than the more popular pets. However, we recommend you still avoid long-haired breeds of rabbits to be cautious.

#4: Rodents

Guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice are excellent choices, especially for beginner pet owners. If your allergies have kept you from enjoying the love of a pet, a rodent is a great way to start. They are mostly limited to their cages, so potential allergens have a tough time getting around the house.

#5: Fish and Reptiles

Fish and reptiles lack the fur and danger that cause pet allergies! These pets can bring as much joy as a dog or cat to the right owner. Plus, you’ll get extra points for uniqueness!

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