Beverage and Ice Machines

Beverage and Ice Machines

You can call 3C for your beverage and ice machine issues or needs. Maintaining the sanitary condition of your ice equipment is factory recommended. 3C Mechanical offers customized preventative maintenance programs to fit your needs. Regular maintenance of your ice machine reduces equipment malfunction and optimizes ice production. 3C offers plans to help with this routine maintenance. Custom plans will be created to fit your budget and get the most out of your equipment.

  • Maintenance of the sanitary condition of your company’s ice machines and beverage equipment.
  • Repair parts stocked in house for many same day repairs.
  • Equipment maintenance is factory recommended and customer required.
  • Complete cleaning and sanitizing of the machine and bin, disassembly and cleaning of the entire water circuit
  • Post mix/fountain beverage systems
  • Frozen carbonated systems (ICEE brand)
  • Bulk bagged beverages (milk & juice)
  • Coffee and tea systems

Also have Cornelius and Lancer Post Mix/ fountain machine parts stocked in house!


How We Will Help – Ice Machines

  • Cleaning of the entire re-circulation water circuit
  • Flush out of drain lines in the ice machine and bin
  • Adjust water level and controls
  • Inspection of bin switch and thermostat
  • Air-cooled condenser cleaned
  • Correct any loose wiring
  • Adjustment of ice machine to optimum performance
    Filter exchange

How We Will Help – Beverage Machines

  • Cleaning validation fountain beverage systems
  • Juice machines
  • Bulk CO2 & Syrups
  • Beer & Liquor equipment
  • Water filtration
  • Water management
  • Frozen beverage
  • Coffee & tea
  • Soup dispensers
We Offer Leasing Of Ice Machines At Competitive Rates.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing of the machine and bin, disassembly and cleaning of the entire water circuit.


Include ice machine lease form and Insurance for leasing the machines. We cover ALL maintenance and repairs with regular service maintenance; this way you are able to budget your costs more effectively. We install a filtration system to be installed on our leased machines.

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