Indoor Air Quality

First Step Toward Breathing Fresher & Healthier Air

Trying to get the most quality air care from our heating and cooling products puts us in quite the catch-22 situation. On the one hand, airtight construction enables us to reduce utility costs and it’s easier on our HVAC systems. On the other hand, it also traps contaminants and other harmful airborne particles, reducing the quality of our indoor air. Fortunately, 3C Mechanical Technologies, Inc. has a solution where you can get the most efficiency and breathe fresher, cleaner air. Our NATE-certified technicians can help you select from one of the many indoor air quality products we carry. When you work with us, we will never try to upsell you; instead, we operate based on honesty and integrity..

Whole-Home Air Purification Systems

Without the presence of an air purification system, you, and anyone else who visits your property, are susceptible to the harmful effects the presence of common pollutants may have. This is especially the case for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory condition. Additionally, as these pollutants continue to circulate throughout your indoor air, they also accumulate within your air filters and ductwork. This, in turn, makes your HVAC systems operate less efficiently and you’ll soon see spikes in your utility costs.

At 3C Mechanical Technologies, Inc., we are proud carriers of the REME® Halo by RFG, the first whole-home in-duct LED air purification system. Using revolutionary UV LED light technology, this product produces ionized hydroperoxide molecules that are then distributed into your home’s entire airspace and not just one room. When a hydroperoxide molecule comes into contact with contaminants, it breaks down and destroys them. This product also uses positive and negative ions to charge the air, which causes many particles to stick together. This makes your existing air filter in your HVAC unit more efficient at capturing these particles and ridding them from your indoor air.

Some of the benefits of this product include:
  • It is mercury and ozone free
  • It has energy-saving capabilities and turns on and off with your HVAC blower
  • The LED cell has up to a five-year replacement
  • It eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) two times faster than any previous models
  • Pollutants include smoke, odors, allergens, dust, VOCs, and other contaminants that if effectively reduces.
  • It can rid your property of surface contaminants, such as mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses
  • Less air pollution
  • Better environmental health

Another alternative to getting cleaner and healthier air is the Fresh-Aire UV®Blue-Tube UV Light. This product is mounted directly above or below your HVAC system’s cooling coils. This product has quickly become popular across the globe due to its ease of installation, reliability, innovative features, and quality components.

Its powerful UV-C light works to effectively kill germs within the air and on the surfaces throughout your property. In fact, scientific studies show that UV light is capable of killing 90% of harmful microbes in just 10 minutes! After 24 hours, up to 99.9% are removed from the air.

In addition to killing high levels of mold, bacteria, and viruses, this product is also important for extending the lifespan of your HVAC system. As you continue to use your air system, pollutants become trapped in its existing air filter and even in your ductwork. This causes a long-term issue for your system to have to work harder in order to meet your desired temperature settings. In doing so, it is more prone to problems and wears and tear. Eliminating poor indoor air quality prevents them from clogging your filters and ductwork, making your air system run much more efficiently.

At 3C Mechanical Technologies, Inc., we want to offer our customers the best of the best. That’s why we only carry industry-leading indoor air quality products in Waco. Our prices are affordable, and we will never try to push a product you don’t truly need. Our NATE-certified technicians are capable of performing any necessary installation, repairs, or maintenance on these products.

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